A.A. in Film Studies

Film Studies introduces students to the history of film, exploring film as an artistic, cultural and social phenomenon. The program also provides students with a theoretical and practical foundation in film analysis and production. Students will have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses from film appreciation and history to acting, screenwriting and videography, providing students with both theoretical and hands-on experience in filmmaking and production. Film Studies will prepare students for transfer to a university and/or for various professions, including but not limited to, filmmaking, writing, acting, advertising, film business and film production. 

Required courses:
ART 199Motion Picture Appreciation3
ART 200History of Motion Pictures: 1895-19453
ART 201History of Motion Pictures 1945-Present3
Areas of Emphasis (select one)
Select one of the following areas of emphasis - Acting, Screenwriting, Production or History/Criticsm - and complete all required courses and electives within that area.
1) Acting
Required courses:
Camera Acting I - Beginning3.5
Camera Acting II - Intermediate3.5
Camera Acting III - Intermediate/Advanced3.5
Camera Acting IV - Advanced3.5
The Business of Acting
2) Screenwriting
Required courses:
Stage and Screenwriting - Beginning3
Stage and Screenwriting - Intermediate3
Stage and Screenwriting - Intermediate/Advanced3
Stage and Screenwriting - Advanced3
3) Production
Required course:
Video for Photographers3
Select three (3) of the following courses:
Intermediate Video for Photographers3
Introduction to Tech for Theatre, TV and Film3
Introduction to Lighting for Theatre, Television and Film3.5
Introduction to Live Video Event Production3
Stage and Project Management for Theatre, TV and Film3
Introduction to Production Management3
Introduction to Production Management Practicum3
4) History/Criticism
Required courses:
Cultural History of American Films3
Film as Literature3
Film as Literature - Honors
Two (2) courses from other emphases
Total Units21-23

A.A. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Film Studies A.A. Degree will:

1. Critically analyze film, television and/or digital media works for formal, thematic and cultural meaning.

2. Evaluate the ways in which film is influenced by personal, cultural and/or societal expressions.

3. Understand and demonstrate basic skills in film production related to the area of emphasis.