Certificate in Management - Level I

The Management - Level I Certificate of Achievement encompasses areas that include an overall study of basic business issues, focused study on managerial-related issues in particular, organizational behavior issues, and written and oral communications in the workplace.  This certificate is designed to prepare students to seek entry-level organizational management positions, and the courses supporting the certificate combine classroom lectures, demonstrations, and a wide use of technology to ensure relevant training.

Required courses:
BUS 130Introduction to Business3
BUS 152Business Communications3
BUS 171Human Relations in the Workplace3
BUS 175Introduction to Management3
Total Units12

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Management - Level I Certificate of Achievement will:

1.  Develop an understanding of general business principles, issues that managers in organizations face, and common organizational behavior issues, so that they can analyze and evaluate those complex concepts and effectively apply them in the context of real-world workplace situations.

2.  Develop skills in effective written and oral workplace communication, so that they can explain, organize, and prepare workplace communications to meaningfully (1) address various workplace-related issues that arise in real-world scenarios and (2) solve problems that may arise in that context.