Skill Award in Emergency Medical Technician

Required course:
HEAL 161Emergency Medical Technician - Basic7
Total Units7

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Emergency Medical Technician Skill Award will:

  1. Use correct medical terminology and nomenclature in the correct context in order to effectively communicate health/medical information and concepts to others.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of an EMT and other healthcare providers.
  3. Calculate various I.V. drip rates for patients undergoing I.V. therapy.
  4. Develop problem solving and self-assessment skills and make appropriate decisions regarding a variety of procedural situations.
  5. Identify the signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies related to various body systems.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to interact with patients and work effectively as a member of the emergency medical services team.
  7. Discuss various EMS systems both local/state and international.
  8. Develop the ability to use and adapt to current technology used in emergency medical services practices.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of administering patient prescribed drugs to patients.
  10. Demonstrate proficiency in the current duties of an EMT, practicing within scope of practice.