Catalog Addendum

The updates listed in this addendum apply to the 2017-2018 Citrus College Academic Catalog. This catalog addendum contains new and updated information, as well as corrections of errors in the original catalog.

New Programs

Added 3/12/18. Effective Term: Spring 2018

Architecture A.S.

Added 3/12/18. Effective Term: Fall 2017

Athletic Training Skill Award

New Courses

Added 9/19/17. Effective Term: Spring 2018

DSPS 088 Strategies for Stress and Anxiety Management

DSPS 092 Study Skills for Students with Disabilities

Added 9/26/17. Effective Term: Fall 2017

COMM 698A Cooperative Education

COMM 698B Cooperative Education

COMM 698C Cooperative Education

COMM 698D Cooperative Education

COMM 699A Cooperative Education

COMM 699B Cooperative Education

COMM 699C Cooperative Educaiton

COMM 699D Cooperative Education

Added 10/30/17. Effective Term: Fall 2017

STEM 250H Team-based Research in STEM I

STEM 251H Team-based Research in STEM II

STEM 260H Introduction to Independent Research in STEM

STEM 698AH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 698BH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 698CH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 698DH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 699AH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 699BH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 699CH Cooperative Education in STEM

STEM 699DH Cooperative Education in STEM

Added 3/9/18. Effective Term: Summer 2018

ART 108

Modified Courses

Modified 9/19/17. Effective Term: Fall 2017

NC 225A Pre-Calculus A - Updated course description

NC 225B Pre-Calculus B - Updated course description

NC 636 Heating - Electrical and Gas - Updated course description

NC 642 Troubleshooting Heating and Air Conditioning - Updated course description

Inactivated Courses

Deactivated 11/1/17. Effective Term: Fall 2017

NC 209A

Errors and Miscellaneous Updates