Catalog Addendum

The updates listed in this addendum apply to the 2022-2023 Citrus College Academic Catalog. This catalog addendum contains new and updated information, as well as corrections of errors in the original catalog.



  • Removed KIN 118 Meditation and Mindfulness from Progressive Relaxation family under the Kinesiology discipline page and from the Course Repeatability Rules and Course Families page, effective fall 2022. - 11/2/22
  • Corrected "strongly recommended" coursework for NC 191 Smog Check Inspector Training Level II to match mirrored credit version of course, AUTO 191 Smog Check Inspector Training Level II, effective fall 2022. - 11/22/22
  • MTRK 152A Medium and Heavy Truck Engines Service, Diagnosis, and Repair incorrectly states that the MTRK 148 Medium and Heavy Truck Maintenance and Inspection prerequisite may be taken as concurrent enrollment with MTRK 152A. The concurrency approval is not effective until the start of fall 2023 and should be disregarded. - 2/14/23
  • MTRK 164 Medium and Heavy Truck Chassis Service, Diagnosis and Repair lists MTRK 101 Introduction to Medium and Heavy Truck Maintenance and Inspection or MTRK 148 Medium and Heavy Truck Maintenance and Inspection as prerequisites. MTRK 101 is listed in error and is not effective as a prerequisite until fall 2023. Students wishing to enroll in MTRK 164 this academic year who have taken MTRK 101 should request individual approval with the department to register for the class. - 2/14/23
  • Added course discipline page Gaming (GAME) and added the four GAME courses to the Visual Art and Photography discipline page. All courses effective term start dates are spring 2023 - 3/28/23


  • Modified home page of catalog to clarify where print copy can be purchased or reviewed: "There is a $3.00 charge for the printed Citrus College Catalog, which can be purchased at the Citrus College golf range pro shop. The library has also a copy for in-house use available at the Research Help Desk." - 11/1/22