Certificate in Special Inspection - Reinforced Concrete

Jurisdictions Having Authority (JHAs) within the L.A./Orange County region, require the use of special inspectors for certain specified building structural construction activities. Courses provide students with a thorough knowledge and application of the Building Code provisions related to Special Inspections.  This certificate prepares students for the International Code Council (ICC) certification as a reinforced concrete special inspector, and subsequently licensure exam for Deputy Building Inspector (Special Inspector) offered through examination by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

Required courses:
CM 110Introduction and Fundamentals of Construction Management3
CM 121Construction Contract Documents, Codes and Specifications2
CM 145Construction Inspection and Materials Testing3
CM 155Special Inspection - Reinforced Concrete 3
Total Units11

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Special Inspection - Reinforced Concrete Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Examine the fundamental practice of construction and identify the key players within the construction organization.

  2. Identify the fundamentals of contract documents, codes, and regulations that govern special "structural" inspections.

  3. Analyze the duties and responsibilities of the construction inspector.

  4. Analyze the duties and responsibilities of a special inspector based on the City of Los Angeles requirements (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

  5. Examine the various elements of reinforced of reinforced concrete structures based on plans and building code.

  6. Examine the various opportunities in special inspection, including steps to secure certification and licensing.

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