Certificate in Management - Level II

The Management - Level II Certificate of Achievement encompasses areas that include an overall study of human resources management issues that arise in the workplace, ethical issues that arise in organizations, and a working understanding of how managers use Excel and spreadsheets in organizations.  This certificate is designed to enhance student knowledge in these areas to better prepare them for entry-level organizational management positions.  The courses supporting the certificate combine classroom lectures, demonstrations, and a wide use of technology to ensure relevant training.

Required courses:
Management - Level I Certificate of Achievement12
BUS 132Business, Ethics and Society3
BUS 160Business Law and the Legal Environment I3
BUS 172Human Resources Management3
OFF 120Microsoft Excel3
Total Units24

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Management - Level II Certificate of Achievement will:

1.  Develop an understanding of employment-related and ethical issues that arise in the workplace, so that they will be able to effectively analyze, evaluate, and apply those concepts in real-world workplace situations.   

2.  Develop necessary skills to meaningfully and effectively prepare, analyze, and evaluate data presented in Excel and spreadsheets and apply that information and those findings to real-world, workplace-related situations.