Certificate in Information Technology

The Information Technology Certificate of Achievement prepares students for careers as: computer technicians, I.T. sales associates, field service technicians, server administrators, system administrators, web support specialists, I.T. project managers, software support technicians, device integration specialists, as well as storage and backup specialists. Throughout the course of the program, students will develop the skills sought after by IT employers. These include networking, security, IP communications, project management, software support, device integration, as well as ethics. During the program the students will have the opportunity to complete industry certifications from CompTIA which include A+, Network+, Server+, and Security+. Program content will also cover industry certifications for Macintosh and Microsoft.
Required courses:
ITIS 104Information Technology4
ITIS 107Network Technology4
ITIS 108Network Operating Systems4
ITIS 109Network and Computer Security4
Select six (6) units from the following courses:
Introduction to Business3
Ethics in Business3
Introduction to Programming Concepts and Design4
ITIS 110
(Deactivated course, pending Chancellor's Office approval)4
Cooperative Education 12
Cooperative Education 14
Cooperative Education 12
Cooperative Education 14
Interpersonal Communication3
Total Units22

No more than four (4) units of ITIS 698/699 may be used towards the certificate requirements.

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Information Technology Certificate of Achievement will:
  1. Use and possess broad based knowledge of information and concepts related to installing and maintaining computer hardware, installing and maintaining computer networks, and solving computer hardware and network problems.
  2. Apply their knowledge and skills in diverse areas of Information Technology in order to certify in various industry certifications.
  3. Have the knowledge, skill and behaviors necessary to obtain an entry-level position as a computer hardware installer/technician, computer network technician, field service technician, network and communication specialist/technician or other related field of information technology.