A.S. in Recording Technology

The Recording Technology Degree Program is a hands-on, career education program which develops critical skills in audio engineering, live sound reinforcement, sound or film, television and gaming. The program teaches the audio basics necessary to engineer any kind of music and sound, from rock concerts to classical recordings, movie scenes to video games. Acceptance into the Recording Technology Degree Program is by interview only.

This degree requires meeting the Citrus College General Education and proficiency requirements combined with successful completion (grades of “C” and above) of the following major requirements:

Required prerequisite courses: 1
REC 100Survey of Entertainment Technology4
REC 103Introduction to Audio Engineering4
REC 140Music Theory for Engineers3
Required audio courses:
REC 105Fundamentals of Audio Technology4
REC 115Recording Studio Workshop I4
REC 205Advanced Audio Technology4
REC 215Recording Studio Workshop II4
Required digital audio courses:
REC 125Digital Audio Technology I3
REC 225Digital Audio Technology II4
Other required courses:
REC 135Live Sound Reinforcement4
REC 145Critical Listening Skills for Engineers3
REC 235Acoustics for Engineers3
REC 245Music Business/ Audio Careers3
Total Units47

A.S. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Recording Technology A.S. Degree will:

  1. Exhibit proficiency in technical operation, communication, and production in the recording studio.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in cross-platform computer operation and use of multiple software applications.
  3. Successfully integrate as professionals into the entertainment industry by demonstrating competency in music business, acoustics, critical listening and live sound reinforcement.