A.S. in Physical Science

Physical science is a branch of science which focuses on the study of non-living systems. The Associate in Science in Physical Science is designed to prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions as majors in chemistry, Earth science/geology or related science disciplines.

Students receiving this degree must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the District General Education Pattern, CSUGE or IGETC.
    If transferring to a CSU or UC students are strongly recommended to complete the CSUGE or IGETC General Education Patterns. Students looking to transfer to an out of state or private college should consult with a counselor for the appropriate GE pattern selection.
  2. Complete with a “C” or better each course as specified by the major.
  3. Maintain an overall GPA of a 2.0 or better in all degree applicable coursework.
  4. Meet the local area requirement of Kinesiology/Dance.
Required courses:
CHEM 111General Chemistry5
MATH 190Calculus with Analytic Geometry l4
PHYS 201Physics A: Mechanics5
Areas of Emphasis
Select one of the following areas of emphasis - Chemistry or Geology/Earth Science - and complete all required courses and electives within that area:
Chemistry area of emphasis - required courses:
General Chemistry5
Chemistry area of emphasis - select eight (8) to ten (10) units from the following courses: 1
Organic Chemistry A3
Organic Chemistry A Laboratory1
Organic Chemistry B3
Organic Chemistry B Laboratory1
Physics B: Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism5
Physics C: Waves, Optics & Modern Physics5
Geology/Earth Science area of emphasis - required courses:
Physical Geology4
Earth History3
Geology/Earth Science area of emphasis - select six (6) to eight (8) units from the following courses:
General Chemistry5
Natural Disasters3
Physical Oceanography3
Physics B: Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism5
Physics C: Waves, Optics & Modern Physics5
Total Units27-29

Students should consult their transfer institution regarding the transferability of the Organic Chemistry Sequence (CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry A, CHEM 211L Organic Chemistry A Laboratory, CHEM 220 Organic Chemistry B, AND CHEM 221L Organic Chemistry B Laboratory) as lower division.

A.S. Degree Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Physical Science A.S. Degree will:

  1. Describe physical phenomena in multiple forms (verbal, pictorial, graphical and mathematical).
  2. Qualitatively and quantitatively predict, analyze and/or explain the behavior of physical systems using fundamental physical principles and models.
  3. Develop and implement a plan of experimental measurements and data analysis.