Noncredit Certificates of Competency or Completion

Citrus College grants certificates of competency and certificates of completion based on the satisfactory completion of a sequence of noncredit courses. These certificates provide the students an opportunity to gain skills necessary to advance in their career, transition into a new career, transition to credit instruction, or prepare for future academic studies and training. The certificates allow the student to develop individual competencies based upon their personal educational goals and objectives.

Students and community members who are interested in taking noncredit classes are encouraged to call the Noncredit and Community Education office at (626) 852-8022 or visit the office, which is located in the Lifelong Learning Center. Noncredit students must apply online and make an appointment with a noncredit counselor to set up an educational plan. A noncredit counselor can be reached at (626) 852-6445.

Noncredit Certificates of Competency

Noncredit Certificates of Completion