Certificate of Completion in Small Business Management

This program is designed to offer students a practical approach to planning, organizing, and running a small business. It focuses on strategies to develop a marketing plan, achieve optimum benefits from the limited resources available to small firms, and use social media in promoting a small business. Skills include customer valuation, market determination, insights about competitors, market research, and hands-on use of various social media platforms. It also provides valuable information on how to use math in everyday business and personal finance, including topics such as budgeting and money management, banking and credit, saving and investing. This program also contributes to the development of effective written and oral communication skills in a business environment and teaches emerging trends in management, leadership, accounting, production, ethics, entrepreneurship, and other related fields.

Required courses:
NC 656Marketing and Social Media for Small Business0
NC 661Business Mathematics 0
NC 663Principles of Small Business Management0
NC 664Business Communications0
NC 665Principles of Business0
Total Units0

Certificate of Completion Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Small Business Management Certificate of Completion will:

  1. Demonstrate ability to start and run a small business, and utilize mathematics to manage business and individual finance. Develop skills to build positive rapport with customers; make decisions under pressure; navigate through uncertainty in competitive environments; and maintain positive professional relationships with employees, suppliers, partners, etc.
  2. Understand the necessity for clear, concise, and effective written and oral communications at the workplace and the basic strategies used in writing business-related communications. Prepare various forms of written communications used in the workplace.
  3. Analyze the legal forms of business ownership in the United States and compare their respective characteristics to identify their advantages and disadvantages. Identify and understand the need for ethical behavior and social responsibility in business to better appreciate their importance in organizations and impact on society.
  4. Apply basic marketing skills to develop a marketing plan. Understand the basic “4 Ps” (product, price, place, promotion) model for marketing products to be able to recognize the components of marketing strategies and, thus, better understand how organizations market their products, services, and ideas. Understand the functions of management, including leadership, management, human resources, and production to appreciate various structures of management and day-to-day operations of organizations.

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