Certificate of Competency in Medical Terminology

This coursework is designed to benefit students who seek, or want to improve, their position in the healthcare sector by introducing students to the proper use and understanding of medical terminology. Students will learn about prefixes, suffixes, and word roots common to the medical field as well as the medical terms for direction and parts of the body. They will move beyond the basics and into more advanced understanding of body systems, pathophysiology, testing, and procedures.

NC 658Medical Terminology I: Fundamentals0
NC 659Medical Terminology II: Advanced Terminology0
Total Units0

Certificate of Competency Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Medical Terminology Certificate of Competency will:

  1. Communicate effectively using basic medical terminology in both verbal and written forms, demonstrate the ability to correctly understand the components and meanings of medical terms, and verbalize familiarity with body systems, planes, and positional terminology.
  2. Utilize appropriate medical terminology at an advanced level, differentiate between normal anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, identify common testing and procedural terms.

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