Certificate in Vocational Nursing

Successful completion of the program of studies allows the student to become eligible to take the State Board Examination for Licensed Vocational Nurse (NCLEX) and prepares them for employment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. 

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Vocational Nursing Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Use correct medical terminology and nomenclature, in the correct context, in order to effectively communicate health/medical information and concepts to others.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to perform accurate calculations of intake and output, drug dosages, and IV rates.
  3. Develop problem-solving and self-assessment skills and make appropriate decisions regarding a variety of procedural situations.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to interact with patients and work effectively as a member of the health care team.
  5. Develop the ability to use and adapt to current technologies used in the healthcare setting.
  6. Provide patient care that falls within the scope of practice as set forth by the BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians).
Required courses:
VNRS 150Fundamentals of Nursing3
VNRS 151LFundamentals of Nursing Lab3
VNRS 152Pharmacology I1
VNRS 153Introductory Nutrition for the Vocational Nurse1
VNRS 154Body Structure Function for the Vocational Nurse I1.5
VNRS 155Social Psychology for the Vocational Nurse1
VNRS 160Medical - Surgical Nursing I3
VNRS 161LMedical - Surgical Nursing I Lab3
VNRS 162Pharmacology II1
VNRS 163Diet Therapy for the Vocational Nurse1
VNRS 164Body Structure and Function for the Vocational Nurse II1.5
VNRS 165Adult Growth and Development for the Vocational Nurse1
VNRS 170Medical-Surgical Nursing II7
VNRS 171LMedical-Surgical Nursing II Lab7
VNRS 172Advanced Pharmacology2
VNRS 173Psychology for Vocational Nurses2
VNRS 180Pediatric Nursing3.5
VNRS 181Growth and Development: Infancy-Adolescence1
VNRS 182Obstetrical-Gynecological Nursing4
VNRS 183Leadership in Nursing3
Total Units50.5

2-Year Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

*It is highly recommended that you make an appointment to create a customized education plan that fits your needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
VNRS 150 Fundamentals of Nursing 3
VNRS 151L Fundamentals of Nursing Lab 3
VNRS 152 Pharmacology I 1
VNRS 153 Introductory Nutrition for the Vocational Nurse 1
VNRS 154 Body Structure Function for the Vocational Nurse I 1.5
VNRS 155 Social Psychology for the Vocational Nurse 1
Assumes passing grade in NRS 100  
Spring Term 1
VNRS 160 Medical - Surgical Nursing I 3
VNRS 161L Medical - Surgical Nursing I Lab 3
VNRS 162 Pharmacology II 1
VNRS 163 Diet Therapy for the Vocational Nurse 1
VNRS 164 Body Structure and Function for the Vocational Nurse II 1.5
VNRS 165 Adult Growth and Development for the Vocational Nurse 1
Summer Term 1
VNRS 180 Pediatric Nursing 3.5
VNRS 181 Growth and Development: Infancy-Adolescence 1
VNRS 182 Obstetrical-Gynecological Nursing 4
Fall Term 2
VNRS 170 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 7
VNRS 171L Medical-Surgical Nursing II Lab 7
VNRS 172 Advanced Pharmacology 2
VNRS 173 Psychology for Vocational Nurses 2
VNRS 183 Leadership in Nursing 3
 Total Units50.5

Career Opportunities

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