Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

EOPS 210
EOP&S Summer Bridge
3 Units (AA/AS; CSU; UC)
54 lecture hours
Equivalent to: COUN 210

Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Strongly recommended: For current high school graduates who have been admitted into the EOP&S Summer Bridge program.

As the main component of the EOP&S Summer Bridge Program, this course centers around creating a successful transition from high school to college. Students will create their own plans for college success and beyond by exploring student development theories, issues relevant to first-generation college students, college success skills, and more. This course may require field trips to local universities. Field trip dates will be given in advance.

EOPS 211
First-Generation College Student Seminar
1.5 Units (AA/AS; CSU)
27 lecture hours

Grade Mode: Pass/No Pass, Standard Letter

This course is designed for students who may be the first in their family to attend college (neither parent or guardian earned a college degree) to build community and learn more about the first- generation college student experience. Students will have the opportunity to investigate and discuss topics such as family/cultural influences, building a support system, leadership development, college success and more.