Certificate of Completion in Introduction to Careers in Health

This program is designed to introduce students to healthcare occupations and the behaviors, personality traits, and verbal and non-verbal communication skills that impact interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This program also provides students with the knowledge and skills to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to a victim in an emergency following the guidelines of the American Heart Association. It will prepare students entering the healthcare profession as well as other programs of study.

NC 602Basic Life Support (BLS) - American Heart Association0
NC 604Life Skills0
NC 605Introduction to Health Occupations0
Total Units0

Certificate of Completion Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Introduction to Careers in Health Certificate of Completion will:

  1. Identify resources for researching potential healthcare occupations. Gain knowledge of educational requirements, responsibilities, and income potential of featured health careers. Develop a career plan using a guided pathways framework.
  2. Demonstrate effective communication using both verbal and written forms. Communicate the importance of professionalism and accountability in the workplace. Verbalize understanding of cultural competence and how to develop culturally competent practices.
  3. Recognize the signs of someone in need of CPR, respond confidently and quickly to assist, and activate the emergency response system early to increase the chances of survival.

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of careers you can do with this major.

To explore more about this major, schedule an appointment with a career counselor.