Foundation and Alumni

The Citrus College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1966 and revitalized in 1982. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

The Citrus College Foundation awards more than $130,000 in scholarships and grants to approximately 150 students on an annual basis through a competitive process in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office. This financial support is provided by private donors and supports Citrus College students as they accomplish their educational goals.

In addition, the foundation budgets $30,000 in Innovation Grants and $70,000 in College Support to fund faculty and staff projects. Much of this funding is awarded on a competitive process and requests align with the college’s Annual Implementation and Strategic Plans.

The Citrus College Foundation partners with businesses, organizations and individuals to further the educational mission of Citrus College. All donors, sponsors and funding partners have a variety of recognition benefits for various levels of support while demonstrating their commitment to educating our community.

The Citrus College Foundation celebrated 50 years of support for Citrus College in 2016. Fundraising opportunities and campaigns are ongoing to celebrate this significant milestone and to enable the foundation to continue to support Citrus College. All funds raised by the Citrus College Foundation benefit the students and academic environment of Citrus College.
The Citrus Alumni and Friends Association advances the general interest of Citrus College alumni, promotes goodwill in the community, raises funds for scholarships, and assists with the overall legacy and promotion of Citrus Union High School.  Citrus College alumni plan reunions on a regular basis and assist with special projects that benefit Citrus College students. Every year during the month of May the college observes Alumni Month, and members of the Alumni and Friends Association select and announce the recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award.​