Certificate in Administrative Office Occupations

Students who receive the Administrative Office Occupations Certificate are prepared for management assignments in the business office environment. This certificate is recommended for both experienced office staff as well as entry-level office workers who are seeking to increase their potential for promotion. Certificate recipients will have expert office skills and in-depth software knowledge. The courses leading to this certificate provide training in office information systems, human relations, business communications, and business records management.

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Administrative Office Occupations Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Perform all general office clerk tasks:
    1. use e-mail to communicate with others;
    2. understand and utilize filing procedures;
    3. examine incoming materials and code it numerically, alphabetically or by subject matter;
    4. enter data electronically in various storage devices;
    5. use electronic calendars;
    6. use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in prepared documents;
    7. file data on computers;
    8. keyboard and file data on computers as well as access information;
    9. keep payroll records and prepare invoices;
    10. make photocopies and take inventory;
    11. set up spreadsheets;
    12. work with customers and answer questions;
    13. format letters, memos, tables and reports using current office application programs;
    14. compose routine letters memos and e-mail messages.
  2. Understand current office procedures and techniques.
  3. Prepare various business forms and documentation and understand their purpose.
  4. Operate a variety of business machines, including computer equipment, photocopy machines, facsimiles, printers, telephone and calculating machines.
  5. Follow directions as well as demonstrate management initiative, dependability and pride in good work.
  6. Understand the systems and procedures of organizing and planning office work, and exercise leadership skills in the business environment.
Required courses:
BUS 152Business Communications3
OFF 101Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications3.5
OFF 120Microsoft Excel3
OFF 215Microsoft Outlook2
OFF 260Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing3.5
OFF 281Filing and Records Management3
OFF 285Administrative Office Procedures3
OFF 294Microsoft Word3
ENGL 101Reading and Composition3-5
or ENGL 101E Reading and Composition, Enhanced
or ENGL 101H Reading and Composition - Honors
or SPCH 100 Interpersonal Communication
or SPCH 100H Interpersonal Communication - Honors
Total Units27-29

1-Year Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

*It is highly recommended that you make an appointment to create a customized education plan that fits your needs.

Note: Substitute ENGL 101E (5 units) may be needed based on placement.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
OFF 101 Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications 3.5
OFF 260 Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing 3.5
OFF 281 Filing and Records Management 3
ENGL 101
Reading and Composition
or Reading and Composition - Honors
Winter Term 1
BUS 152 Business Communications 3
Spring Term 1
OFF 120 Microsoft Excel 3
OFF 285 Administrative Office Procedures 3
OFF 294 Microsoft Word 3
Summer Term 1
OFF 215 Microsoft Outlook 2
 Total Units28

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