Certificate in Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Toyota/Lexus/Scion Technician

The courses listed in the Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair - Toyota/Lexus/Scion Technician certificate are selected to provide a comprehensive set of job skills needed by Toyota, Lexus and Scion technicians. In addition to improving the student’s employability, the skills developed in each course will enhance their ability to become Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified in all eight ASE areas. The certificate is designed to prepare an individual for employment or provide the skills needed for career advancement.

Certificate of Achievement Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Automotive Service, Diagnosis, and Repair – Toyota/Lexus/Scion Technician Certificate of Achievement will:

  1. Given any Toyota/Lexus/Scion vehicle complaint: verify the customer’s complaint, diagnose the failure or find the vehicle operating as designed, estimate the labor and parts cost, and make a clear needs/recommendations statement on the repair order citing both complaint and cause. In addition, once the student receives authorization, the student will service and/or repair the vehicle to industry standards, verify the repair has corrected the customer’s complaint and document the remedy within the “customer pay” labor time available in the Toyota flat-rate manual.
Required courses:
AUTO 101Fundamentals of Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair6
AUTO 151Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair6
AUTO 154Chassis Service, Diagnosis, and Repair9
AUTO 156Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems I6
AUTO 163Manual Drivetrain4.5
AUTO 166Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems II3.5
AUTO 167Automotive HVAC Service, Diagnosis & Repair4.5
AUTO 168Engine Control Systems Service, Diagnosis and Repair8.5
AUTO 172Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles6
AUTO 281Advanced Toyota Technician Training 15
Select four (4) units of the following cooperative education courses:
Automotive Service and Repair Work Experience A1
Automotive Service and Repair Work Experience B2
Automotive Service and Repair Work Experience C3
Automotive Service and Repair Work Experience D4
Total Units63

AUTO 281 is a capstone course and must be taken after all other major coursework is completed.

2.5-Year Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

*It is highly recommended that you make an appointment to create a customized education plan that fits your needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
AUTO 151 Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair 6
AUTO 156 Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems I 6
Completion of AUTO 101 in summer  
Winter Term 1
AUTO 166 Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems II 4
Spring Term 1
AUTO 154 Chassis Service, Diagnosis, and Repair 9
AUTO 167 Automotive HVAC Service, Diagnosis & Repair 4.5
Summer Term 1
AUTO 163 Manual Drivetrain 4.5
Fall Term 2
AUTO 168 Engine Control Systems Service, Diagnosis and Repair 8.5
AUTO 172 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles 6
Spring Term 2
AUTO 281 Advanced Toyota Technician Training 5
AUTO 230D Automotive Service and Repair Work Experience D 4
 Total Units57.5

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