Recommended Programs of Study for Unavailable Areas

Although not all areas of study are offered, students interested in the following areas of study for transfer are encouraged to select a program of study from the recommended majors list for the associate degree and to meet with a counselor to select courses in keeping with that transfer area of study.

Study Area Recommended Programs of Study
Animal Science Biological Sciences
Biochemistry Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Physical Sciences
Chemistry Physical Science
Computer Information Systems Business, Business Administration (AD-T)
Engineering Mathematics (AD-T), Physics (AD-T), Pre-Engineering
Ethnic Studies: Latino Studies, African American Studies, Women's Studies Social Justice Studies (AD-T), Social Sciences, Sociology (AD-T)
Forensic Science Biological Sciences, Physical Science
Humanities Liberal Arts - Humanities, Social Sciences
International Relations History (AD-T), Political Science (AD-T), Social Sciences
Languages Spanish (AD-T), English (AD-T), Communication Studies (AD-T), Journalism (AD-T), Social Justice Studies (AD-T)