Graduation Requirements for an Associate Degree

The Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science Degree will be granted upon the completion of 60 degree applicable units of work and fulfillment of the following specific requirements:

  1. Scholarship Requirement:
    1. An overall grade point average of 2.0 or better must be earned in all lower division coursework attempted at Citrus College and at any regionally accredited post-secondary education institution.
    2. A 2.0 or better in credit courses in the curriculum upon which the degree is based.
    3. Good academic standing at the college.
  2. Residence Requirement:
    Successful completion of a minimum of 12 units in residence at Citrus College.
  3. Major Requirement:
    Completion of at least 18 units with a grade point average of 2.0 or better in each course attempted that is counted toward the major.
  4. General Education Requirements:
    1. Option I: 25 units as stipulated by the Citrus College graduation requirements; or
    2. Option II: 39 units as stipulated by the CSU general education certification requirements; or
    3. Option III: 34 units as stipulated by the completion of the IGETC pattern.
  5. Kinesiology Requirement: (No varsity sports courses may be used)

        a. Successful completion of any three units of Kinesiology or dance activity as stipulated in the Citrus College Catalog; or

        b. Successful completion of any Kinesiology theory course as stipulated in the Citrus College Catalog.

  1. Competency Requirements:
    1. Writing: Proficiency in writing may be satisfied by completion of an English Composition General Education Requirement with a grade of “C” or better.
    2. Mathematics:
      Proficiency in mathematics may be satisfied by one of the following:
      1. Completion of two years of high school algebra AND placement at the level of College Algebra or higher on the math assessment test; or
      2. Completion of any mathematics class listed in the mathematics section of the General Education Requirements with a grade of “C” or better. *Transcript needed to verify the 2 years of high school algebra.

Petition for Graduation

Graduating students must file a Graduation Application with the Admissions and Records Office. Students are strongly recommended to meet with a counselor to review the application prior to submitting their application. Students may graduate at the end of the fall, winter, spring or summer semesters or sessions, although only one Commencement ceremony is held in the spring. To be eligible to participate at Commencement, a student must be an eligible candidate for an associate degree from Citrus College and have met all the deadlines and requirements published by the Admissions and Records Office. Students receiving certificates of achievement may be recognized by their academic discipline or program but do not participate in the annual Commencement ceremony held at the end of the Spring semester. 

A summer graduate may request to participate in the preceding spring graduation if they file the petition for graduation by that spring graduation deadline, meet all graduation requirements for summer graduation, and are enrolled in one or two classes for a total of nine or fewer units in summer.

A student who receives an associate degree may subsequently or simultaneously work on additional degrees.

All earned graduation requirements must come from a single catalog. A degree and/or certificate will not be released until the student has paid all of his or her outstanding debts to the college.

All transcripts of prior college work must be on file in the Admissions and Records Office before the petition can be completed; refer to the current class schedule for petition deadlines.

Multiple Degrees

Within the graduation requirements for the Associate Degree at Citrus College, it is possible for a student to complete the requirements for more than one course of study, providing that minimum requirements are met for each degree.

Online Degrees

Associate degrees can be earned online through Online Education. Visit the Online Education website and consult a counselor for details.

Planning for Transfer

In general, courses listed as preparation for a major may also be applicable as general education requirements. Students should refer to the catalog of the institution offering their intended major to determine lower-division major requirements, as well as those that are recommended or required in preparation for the major.

In addition, the ASSIST website is the official California statewide database listing a selection of campus-approved articulation/transfer agreements, general education requirements, and information on UC and CSU transferable courses.

Students are also advised to contact a Citrus College counselor for more information and for details regarding other transfer agreements and options not available on ASSIST.