Skill Award in Engine Rebuilding and Machining

The High Performance Institute offers a Skill Award in Engine Rebuilding and Machining. The field of automotive engine rebuilding and machining offers many exciting career opportunities in industry, including: machine shop operator, prototype building, engine evaluation and engineering, materials engineering, powertrain tuning and design, and advanced technical research. The Engine Rebuilding and Machining Skill Award provides a solid background in engine design and development.  Jobs include engine machinist, and machinist for research and development engine design projects. 

Required courses:
AUTO 295Engine Design4
AUTO 296Cylinder Head Development4
AUTO 297Cylinder Block Development4
Total Units12

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Engine Rebuilding and Machining Skill Award will:

  1. Be able to evaluate an engine's mechanical condition and perform the necessary corrective actions and machining processes to return the engine to an OEM level of performance or modify the engine to achieve a higher level of performance and longevity.

1.5-Year Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

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Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
AUTO 296 Cylinder Head Development 4
Completion of AUTO 295 in summer  
Spring Term 1
AUTO 297 Cylinder Block Development 4
 Total Units8

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of careers you can do with this major.


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