Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommendations

Citrus College students receive information about courses that require specific knowledge or skills needed to be successful in that course. This information is presented as a requisite statement under the title of the course. The definitions of these statements are:

  • Prerequisite - A course that a student is required to complete in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course or program. (Example: MATH 190 Calculus with Analytic Geometry l must be completed before taking MATH 191 Calculus with Analytic Geometry ll.)
  • Corequisite - A course that a student is required to take at the same time with another course. (Example: VNRS 150 Fundamentals of Nursing must also be taken with VNRS 151L Fundamentals of Nursing Lab.)
  • Recommendation - A skill or course that is strongly suggested before enrollment in a course, but is not required. (Example: ENGL 101 Reading and Composition is strongly recommended before HIST 108 History of the United States since 1877.)

Verification of Prerequisites

Prior to registration, students are required to provide verification of how skill or course prerequisites have been satisfied. Students unable to verify how a prerequisite has been satisfied will not be allowed to enroll in those courses.

Transcripts are required from other colleges to verify course prerequisites. 

Challenging Prerequisites

Students have the right to challenge any prerequisite or corequisite by obtaining the Prerequisite Challenge Petition from the Admissions and Records Office. This form requires written documentation, explanation of alternative course work, background, abilities, or other evidence which has adequately prepared you for the target course.

The challenge petition may include one or more of the following:

  • A prerequisite or corequisite has not been made reasonably available
  • A prerequisite or corequisite has not been established in accordance with the District’s process for establishing prerequisites and corequisites
  • Provide evidence of having the knowledge or ability needed to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite or corequisite
  • A prerequisite, corequisite, or limitation on enrollment is discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner

If the challenge is upheld or the college fails to resolve the challenge within a five working-day period, the student will be allowed to enroll in the course. If no space is available in the course when a challenge is filed, the challenge shall be resolved prior to the beginning of registration for the next term, and if the challenge is upheld, the student will be permitted to enroll if space is available when registering for the subsequent term.

Prerequisite and corequisite challenges are addressed by the appropriate academic discipline, department, or division.