Catalog Addendum

The updates listed in this addendum apply to the 2023-2024 Citrus College Academic Catalog. This catalog addendum contains new and updated information, as well as corrections of errors in the original catalog.


  • DENT 201 Dental Radiology and DENT 202 Advanced Dental Specialties - Concurrent enrollment allowed for prerequisite DENT 104, effective fall 2023. - 6/12/23

  • Removed "(Lab)" from BIOL 108 Biology of Cancer and BIOL 117 Biology of Infectious Diseases listings in IGETC certificate, effective fall 2023. Courses do not have lab hours. - 7/10/23

  • DENT 124 Dental Specialties renumbered as DENT 205 RDA/CDA Exam Review, effective fall 2023. Additionally, DENT 124 Dental Specialties removed as prerequisite for DENT 205 RDA/CDA Exam Review, and replaced with DENT 202 Advanced Dental Specialties, also effective fall 2023. - 9/15/23

  • DENT 124 Dental Specialties renumbered as DENT 205 RDA/CDA Exam Review in Dental Assisting A.S. and Dental Assisting Certificate of Achievement, effective fall 2023. - 9/15/23

  • Added in words omitted from second to last sentence of CS 111 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Design's course description. Sentence should read in full: "Microsoft's Visual Studio's integrated development environment is used to help illustrate programming concepts common to modern high-level programming languages." Effective fall 2023. 11/1/23

  • The Learning Center is permanently located in the ED building effective this fall 2023. - 11/1/23


  • Modified course description on NRS 100 Introduction to Vocational Nursing to allow either Social Security Card or Tax ID Number for entrance into program, effective fall 2023. New language underlined and italicized below. - 7/6/23
    • NRS 100: Prerequisite: An active Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certificate issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Strongly recommended: ENGL 101. Fundamental skills needed for health related occupations. Includes medical terminology, medical math, the application of computers to health care, techniques and learning tools to evaluate scientific readings, field study and exposure to health career opportunities. Offered for Pass/No Pass grading only. This is a prerequisite course that may qualify a person entry into the Vocational Nursing Program. If selected to enter the Vocational Nursing Program, students must be able to show: 1. U.S. High School diploma or equivalent; 2. Social Security Card or Tax ID number (TIN). 36 lecture hours, 54 lab hours.

  • Removed deactivated course RNRS 192 from prerequisites on RNRS 193 Pediatric Nursing and RNRS 195 Beginning Medical/Surgical Nursing II, effective spring 2024. - 10/26/23
  • Revised prerequisites on DENT 203 Dental Practice Experience from "DENT 102, DENT 122, DENT 124, and DENT 201" to "DENT 102, DENT 122, DENT 201, and DENT 202," effective spring 2024. - 11/15/23


  • MUSP 202 approved to start fall 2023. - 7/6/23 
    • MUSP 202 Competitive Collegiate Tenor Bass Ensemble: Prerequisite: Audition. This course involves preparation and participation in collegiate Tenor Bass chorus competitions and festivals such as the CSU Long Beach Choral Festival, the Riverside City College Choral Festival, or the Biola University Choral Festival. This course may be taken four times. Audition required. 18 lecture hours, 18 lab hours arranged.
  • DENT 300 approved to start summer 2024. - 7/11/23 
    • DENT 300 Orthodontic Assistant Permit: Prerequisite: Possession of a current, valid California Registered Dental Assistant license. This course is designed to provide advanced education in orthodontic assistant duties that are described in the California Dental Practice Act and is designed for students who are current Registered Dental Assistants. This course meets the didactic, laboratory, and clinical requirements set forth by the Dental Board of California Orthodontic Assistant Permit (OAP) course approval requirements to qualify to take the orthodontic assistant dental board exam. Students must present a Registered Dental Assistant License, Hepatitis B immunization, negative TB test dated no earlier than 1 year of course start date, current American Heart or Red Cross BLS/CPR certification for health care providers, prior registering. 24 lecture hours, 28 lab hours, 32 lab hours arranged.
  • NC 504, 505, 690, 691 and 905 approved to start spring 2024. - 9/20/23
    • NC 504 Social Skills for Success: This course is designed for adults with disabilities. It supports students who desire to achieve success in personal, academic, and professional settings. Emphasis is on development of effective skills related to communication, self-advocacy, appropriate social interaction, adaptation, and problem-solving. 24 lecture hours.
    • NC 505 Skills for Career Success: This course is designed for adults with disabilities. It supports students by providing the knowledge, skills, and guidance to find the job that best matches their personality. Emphasis is on identifying individual strengths, interests, and values; and developing a person-centered, individualized vocational plan. Topics include exploring careers, community job resources, and building the self-confidence, attitudes and professional skills needed to find, secure, and maintain employment. 24 lecture hours.
    • NC 690 Bloodborne Pathogens: Strongly recommended: High intermediate or advanced English language skills; grasp of paragraph form and PowerPoint presentation. The Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) training is mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It includes training in the most common bloodborne pathogens, control methods, and follow up from occupational exposure to blood and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM). After completing this class, the student will receive the recognition of completion of the course. 4 lecture hours.
    • NC 691 HIPAA and Introduction to Electronic Health Records: Strongly recommended: High intermediate or advanced English language skills; grasp of paragraph form and PowerPoint presentation. This course focuses on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for the healthcare worker, and the professional and ethical responsibilities in maintaining privacy when handling EHR (electronic health records). Real-life scenarios will be used when practicing how to input patient information in the EHR and reviewing the Privacy and Security Rules of HIPAA. 18 lecture hours.
    • NC 905 Body Contouring: This course is designed to focus on total body conditioning to reach desired body potential through improved muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, core stability, and balance in the application of sound training principles. 36 lab hours.