Skill Award in Personal Trainer

Becoming a certified personal trainer (CPT) allows one to positively impact the life of someone new to fitness or returning after an injury. The role of a CPT requires a practitioner with the training and skills to assess, teach, and facilitate safe learning experiences for the client while also providing the right stimulus to cause positive physical adaptation.This certificate provides learning experiences that enable the motivated student to explore the physiological, psychological, and performance aspects of personal training to prepare them for a career as a trained, certified, entry level fitness provider certified through National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF).

Required prerequisite (select one (1) of the following courses):
Introduction to Kinesiology3
Fitness for Life3
Health and Wellness3
Health and Wellness - Honors3
Introduction to Physical Education3
Introduction to Nutrition3
Required courses:
BUS 146Principles of Money Management3
KIN 119Personal Training3
KIN 177First-Aid Responding To Emergencies3
Total Units12

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Personal Trainer Award will:

  1. Assess, prescribe, and demonstrate healthful training activities for individuals desirous of additional strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular ability.

1-Term Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

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Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
BUS 146 Principles of Money Management 3
KIN 119 Personal Training 3
KIN 177 First-Aid Responding To Emergencies 3
KIN 100
Introduction to Kinesiology
or Fitness for Life
or Health and Wellness
or Health and Wellness - Honors
or Introduction to Physical Education
or Introduction to Nutrition
 Total Units12

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