Skill Award in Child Development Associate Teacher

This entry level program allows the student to explore the field of child development and prepares the student to work as a child development aide or assistant teacher in the field of early childhood education.

Required courses:
CHLD 110Early Childhood Development3
or PSY 206 Child Growth and Development
CHLD 112Principles of Early Childhood Education I3
CHLD 114Home-Child-Community Relations3
Select three (3) units of the following:
Introduction to Curriculum3
Literacy for Children3
Art for Children3
Music and Rhythms for Children2
Science Experiences for Children2
Math for Children2
Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children3
Total Units12

Permit Information

This Skill Award meets the educational requirements for the Associate Teacher Permit through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. All coursework must be completed with the grade of “C” or better to meet permit requirements. In order to apply for the State Permit, students must complete 50 days of 3+ hours per day of qualifying work experience with young children within 2 years. Specific details may be found at

Skill Award Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Child Development Associate Teacher Skill Award will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to apply theories of early childhood education and child development.
  2. Demonstrate global consciousness to work effectively with children, their families, and individuals from diverse cultures.

1-Term Curriculum Map Example
This map represents one possible pathway through the program and is only for reference.

*It is highly recommended that you make an appointment to create a customized education plan that fits your needs.

Plan of Study Grid
Fall Term 1Units
CHLD 112 Principles of Early Childhood Education I 3
CHLD 114 Home-Child-Community Relations 3
CHLD 116 Introduction to Curriculum 3
CHLD 110
Early Childhood Development
or Child Growth and Development
 Total Units12

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of careers you can do with this major.


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