Certificate of Competency in Business Information Worker

This program is designed to prepare students for entry through mid-level employment or may be used to update knowledge of office technology and skills for job advancement in an office. Students have the option of taking the Writing in the Workplace course, which will introduce them to the various methods of written communication within the workplace setting, or the English for Employment & Academics course, which is designed for advanced English language learners who seek to move on to credit courses and/or improve their job performance.

Required courses:
NC 402ESL: English for Employment and Academics0
or NC 680 Writing in the Workplace
NC 650Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications0
NC 652Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing0
Total Units0

Certificate of Competency Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Business Information Worker Certificate of Competency will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding, document processing, and using Microsoft Office Suite applications.

  • Demonstrate proficiency to synthesize and execute professional development skills in a simulated office environment. 

  • Demonstrate readiness to successfully analyze and comprehend ideas expressed in work and academic-related contexts; effectively communicate at job sites; deliver oral presentations that include the use of career-related vocabulary, idioms, and common speaking conventions; and compose essays using correct mechanics, punctuation, complex sentences, transition words, and other linguistic elements.

  • Demonstrate readiness to communicate in the American workplace by writing effective documents commonly used in the business context (e.g., emails, memos, letters, reports), preparing and managing documents in various computer programs, analyzing complex situations, reaching conclusions, making decisions, and following ethical and honest behaviors in the workplace.

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of careers you can do with this major.

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