Certificate of Completion in Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)

This program is designed to offer students insight into the Deaf community, including lifestyle and cultural perspectives. Students will also be introduced to some key linguistic features of American Sign Language, such as the signed manual alphabet, facial grammar, and vocabulary. Additionally, it will give students an overview of various ASL-related professions and job openings, discuss the role each career plays in the ASL/Deaf community, and how to begin preparing for such careers.

Required courses:
NC 621ASL - Insights into the Deaf Community0
NC 622ASL - Fundamentals of ASL0
NC 623ASL - Careers in ASL0
Total Units0

Certificate of Completion Level Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate of Completion will:

  1. Demonstrate ability to explain key events in American Deaf history and knowledge of multiple forms of advocacy to support the Deaf community.
  2. Identify subgroups and their corresponding roles within the Deaf community and compare the values of the Deaf community to other cultural groups.
  3. Perform important ASL linguistic skills such as fingerspell proper nouns, organize sentences in ASL word order, ask and respond to commonly asked questions in ASL.
  4. Produce a list of ASL-related professions and the responsibilities associated with each career and generate a sequence of steps to prepare for a future career in ASL.
  5. Explain the differences between interpreter certifications and Deaf education at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Career Opportunities

There are a variety of careers you can do with this major.

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