PHTO 216: Business Practices for the Photographer

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2022
Credits: 3
Total Contact Hours: 108
Lecture Hours : 36
Lab Hours: 72
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 72
Prerequisite: PHTO 102 or PHTO 202.
District General Education: C1. Arts
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: No
Grading Method: Standard Letter

Catalog Course Description

This course prepares photographers for the complex business aspects of the industry. Students will develop personal biographies, practice statements and resumes. Marketing tools, forms and contracts will be assessed and put into practice. Each student will prepare both print and web-based portfolios showcasing images relevant to their desired photographic clientele. 36 lecture hours, 72 lab hours.

Course Objectives

  • Prepare a variety of image portfolios to fulfill diverse needs.
  • Write essential documents including: resume, biography, statement and cover letter.
  • Develop communication skills to acquire and maintain clients.
  • Read and evaluate industry contracts.
  • Network with current and potential clients, other photographers and industry organizations.

Major Course Content

  1. Costs and Considerations for doing Business
    1. Insurance (Protection and Necessary for equipment and studio rental)
    2. Equipment
    3. Automobile
    4. Taxes (1099)
    5. Important Team Members: Lawyer, Accountant and/or CPA, Insurance Agent
    6. Type of Business: Sole Proprietor, LLC, S Corporation, Corporation
    7. LLC – 1 Form Articles of Organization of a Limited Liability Company
  2. Marketing
    1. You Are a Brand
    2. Logo, Resume, Cover Letter, Biography, Photographers Statement
    3. Business Cards, Letter Head, Promotional Postcards, Stickers
    4. E-mail Newsletter blasts
    5. Blog
    6. Research your competition
  3. Portfolio
    1. Website (Build in E commerce to sell your images)
    2. Print
    3. Tablets and phones
    4. Client-specific
  4. Social Media
    1. Terms of Service
    2. Links vs. image posts
    3. Keywording and Watermarks
    4. Business and personal lives differ
    5. Monitor traffic with analytics
  5. Protecting your work
    1. Copyright Basics
    2. Register images with US Copyright Office
    3. Infringement
    4. Cease and desist
    5. Metadata
  6. Reasons to say YES to a job
    1. Profit
    2. Connections
    3. Portfolio building
    4. Experience
  7. Licensing
    1. Types: Rights Managed, Royalty Free, Exclusive
    2. Producing work for Licensing
    3. Importance of Licensing your work
    4. Usage rates
  8. Networking
    1. Existing client lists
    2. Dream client lists
    3. Mast head contacts: Editor-in-Chief, Managing editor, creative director, design director, photography director, Photo editors
    4. Industry organizations: American Society of Media Photographers, National Press Photographers Organization, Professional Photographers of America, American Photographic Artists, LA Film Works
    5. Chapter events
    6. Conferences
    7. Portfolio reviews
  9. Industry Fundamentals
    1. Types of work: Advertising, Editorial, Non-Profits/Foundations, Corporate, NGO, Multimedia, Stock
    2. Industry Players and their roles:
      1. Agent
      2. Studio manager
      3. Assistant
      4. Creative Director
      5. Crew
      6. Digital Tech
      7. Producer
      8. Set Designer
      9. Wardrobe stylist
      10. Hair & Makeup artist
      11. Video Producer
      12. Business manager
      13. Retoucher
      14. On-line Archive Manager
      15. Syndication Agents
  10. Business Documents
    1. Contracts: Image licensing, Rights usage
    2. Releases: Model, minors, property releases
    3. Permits
    4. Image embargos
    5. Expense Allocation Sheet
  11. Pricing & Negotiating
    1. Rates
    2. Preparing a bid
    3. Business Management software for Photographers (Blink bid, FotoBiz, Hindsights, Photo Mechanic)
  12. Equipment Rental
    1. Samys Camera
    2. SYNC
    3. Los Angeles Camera Rental
    4. PRS
    5. Share Grid
    6. PIX
    7. BL Camera Rental
  13. Studio Rental
    1. DF Studio
    2. The Dreaming Tree
    3. MILK studios
    4. Smash Box
    5. Howard Hughes Hangar
    6. Aesthesia Studios

Lab Content

  • Complete an LLC – 1 form
  • Apply for an insurance quote
  • Research the 5 top photographers in the photographic genre you wish to pursue
  • Create a Logo
  • Write a resume
  • Write a cover letter
  • Write a Biography
  • Write a Photographers Statement
  • Design a Business card
  • Build a website
  • Produce a print portfolio
  • Create a client specific PDF portfolio
  • Research the “Terms of Service” of your favorite social media site
  • Produce a Watermark
  • Register a batch of images with the US Copyright Office
  • Become a member or Subscribe to Photography Organization
  • Research and modify a release form
  • Research and modify an Image licensing contract
  • Prepare a bid for your dream job
  • Produce new image content for your portfolio or marketing material

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

“The Do’s and Don’ts for Finding a Commercial Photography Agent”

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

• Write a resume • Write a cover letter • Write a Biography • Prepare a bid for your dream job • Apply for an insurance quote

Examples of Outside Assignments

• Produce new image content for your portfolio or marketing materials • Attend an industry conference, chapter event or portfolio review • Visit a rental house or studio available for rent

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Lab, Online Education Lecture, Online Education Lab