MUSP 151: Individual Performance Techniques

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2021
Credits: 2
Total Contact Hours: 98
Lecture Hours : 18
Lab Hours: 0
Hours Arranged: 80
Outside of Class Hours: 36
Prerequisite: MUSP 293 or Audition.
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: No
Grading Method: Standard Letter

Catalog Course Description

This course offers music majors instruction for solo and recital performance. Repertoire selection and development will be covered. Includes master class and coaching opportunities, programming, solo and recital attire and etiquette, and accompaniment coordination. 18 lecture hours, 80 lab hours arranged.

Course Objectives

  • Select and develop solo and recital repertoire.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of recital programming, solo and recital attire and etiquette, and accompaniment coordination.
  • Perform selections of their solo/recital repertoire.

Major Course Content

  1. Overview of recital performance techniques
  2. Overview of recital performance traditions
  3. Overview of recital production elements
  4. Observe and analyze performance demonstrations
  5. Perform and observe recital presentations
  6. Analyze and assess recital presentations

Hours Arranged Content

  1. Participate in technique master classes and individual coaching sessions
  2. Research appropriate recital repertoire
  3. Select recital repertoire
  4. Apply appropriate techniques to recital repertoire
  5. Identify production elements
  6. Coordinate production elements

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Pertinent music periodicals relating to recital performance and online web sources

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

Project outline Post recital performance assessment

Examples of Outside Assignments

Practice technique Practice music Concert attendance Select repertoire Recital programming Organizing recital logistics

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Lab, Online Education Lecture, Online Education Lab