MUSE 221: Intermediate Piano II

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2021
Credits: 2
Total Contact Hours: 36
Lecture Hours : 36
Lab Hours: 0
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 72
Prerequisite: MUSE 220 or Audition.
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: Yes - Approved
Grading Method: Standard Letter

Catalog Course Description

Continued development of essential keyboard skills learned in Intermediate Piano I. This course emphasizes working with lead sheets, interpretation of chord symbols, additional scale types, and transcription. 36 lecture hours.

Course Objectives

  • sight-read simple counterpoint
  • play a basic interpretation of a lead sheet with 5 minutes preparation
  • play a RH improvisation over 12 bar blues in all keys
  • transpose diatonic melodic fragments in 12 keys
  • read and play syncopated rhythms
  • play 2-hand jazz chord voicing

Major Course Content

  1. Introduction and Course Overview
  2. Sight-reading Alternate Clefs with 2- and 3- Note Clusters
  3. Beginning Jazz Harmonization
  4. Chord symbol Interpretation
  5. Introduction of the Diminished Scale
  6. Imitation and Construction of an Improvised Solo
  7. Introduction of Style
  8. Beginning Transcription
  9. Melodic Transposition
  10. Introduction of Odd Time Signatures
  11. 2-Hand Chord Voicings

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Lead sheet reading from related sources of piano literature.

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

Chord spellings and voicings in music notation and appropriate descriptions.

Examples of Outside Assignments

Technique exercises, Czerny, Hanon Selected literature, classical traditions and commercial major scales all minor scales

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Online Education Lecture