MUSE 120: Elementary Piano I

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2022
Credits: 2
Total Contact Hours: 36
Lecture Hours : 36
Lab Hours: 0
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 72
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: Yes - Approved
Grading Method: Standard Letter

Catalog Course Description

For the beginning music student, music or non-music major. Covers all basic elements in elementary piano, including music reading, rhythm studies, technique, and scales. 36 lecture hours.

Course Objectives

  • Identify letter names of all line and space notes in treble and bass clefs
  • Read sheet music using up to 8 notes in each hand with appropriate fingering
  • Play I, IV, and V chords in each hand in the keys of C and G
  • Use beginning levels of expression through dynamic markings

Major Course Content

  1. Introduction and Course Overview
  2. Introduction to Piano Notation. Beginning Drills
  3. Staff Notation for Piano Playing
  4. Beginning Note Reading
  5. Introduction to Five-Finger Patterns
  6. Skill Development of Five-Finger Patterns
  7. Continued Skill Development
  8. Introduction to Chord Structure
  9. Beginning Dynamic Markings
  10. Key Signature and Time Signature
  11. Extended Hand Positions and Fingering 
  12. Beginning Musical Term Definitions
  13. Continued Skill Development and Review

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Related literature on beginning piano for performance

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

Identification of musical terms Work pages on beginning theory and rhythm techniques

Examples of Outside Assignments

Practice of related literature Practice of five finger patterns Practice of scales Practice of improvisation

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Online Education Lecture