ITIS 150: Web Design with Dreamweaver

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2023
Credits: 3
Total Contact Hours: 72
Lecture Hours : 54
Lab Hours: 18
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 108
Transferable to CSU: No
Transferable to UC: No
Grading Method: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Catalog Course Description

Fundamentals of web design using a proprietary web development tool. Introduces the basic features of Adobe Dreamweaver including the Dreamweaver interface, toolbars, and panels. Topics include: adding and editing text, formatting using Cascading Style Sheets, editing HTML, adding images, tables, forms, and responsive web design. 54 lecture hours, 18 lab hours.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the basic principles of the web design process (planning, designing, developing, reviewing, testing, publishing, and maintenance) by incorporating Dreamweaver to build and maintain a local site through guided assignments, demonstrations, projects, and examinations.
  • Identify and apply the general features of the Dreamweaver interface in building a Web site through a series of assignments, projects, and examinations.

Major Course Content

  1. Web Site Fundamentals
    1. Planning a web site
    2. Designing a web page
  2. The Dreamweaver Interface
    1. Working with panels and panel groups
    2. Navigating and working with the Title bar, Menu bar, and Properties Inspector
  3. Other Toolbars
    1. Working in Design view
    2. Working in Code view
  4. Building a Web Site
    1. Defining the site and its folders
    2. Color schemes and web-safe colors
    3. Adding Text
      1. Applying Simple Text Formatting
  5. Formatting with CSS
    1. Embedded, Internal, and External Style Sheets
  6. Adding Images
    1. Formatting images
  7. Creating Links
    1. Relative vs. absolute paths
    2. Linking within a Web Site, linking within Pages
    3. Using Images as Links
  8. Working with Tables and Layers
    1. Creating a table
    2. Formatting a table
  9. Working with Forms
    1. Buttons and Controls
  10. Working with Layers
    1. Static and Dynamic Layers
  11. Responsive Web Design
    1. Fluid Grid Layous
    2. Optimizing for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Lab Content

  1. Web Basics
    1. Storyboarding
    2. Naming Conventions
  2. Dreamweaver Basics
    1. Navigating the interface
    2. Building a local site and a remote site
    3. Importing files
  3. Design View
    1. Building a web page
      1. Adding meta tags
    2. Importing images
    3. Adding lists
      1. Unordered
      2. Ordered
      3. Definition
    4. Adding Links
      1. Internal
      2. External
    5. Adding a Table
      1. Table format
    6. Adding a Form
      1. Form basics
    7. Responsive design
  4. Code View
    1. Adding HTML
    2. Editing the code

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

In one or more paragraphs, explain your decision in selecting the color scheme, images, and font (type, size, and style) for your site.

Examples of Outside Assignments

Create content (text, images) for a second page using CSS3 (external style sheet) to format and enhance the contents. --- Add at least three external links to this page. --- Add at least two internal ("jump") links to the page.

Instruction Type(s)

Lab, Lecture, Online Education Lab, Online Education Lecture