EOPS 211: First-Generation College Student Seminar

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2024
Credits: 1.5
Total Contact Hours: 27
Lecture Hours : 27
Lab Hours: 0
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 54
Total Student Learning Hours: 81
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: Yes - Approved
Grading Method: Standard Letter, Pass/No Pass

Catalog Course Description

This course is designed for students who may be the first in their family to attend college (neither parent or guardian earned a college degree) to build community and learn more about the first- generation college student experience. Students will have the opportunity to investigate and discuss topics such as family/cultural influences, building a support system, leadership development, college success and more. 27 lecture hours.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a better understanding of experience as a first-generation college student
  • Identify personal and cultural values and how they shape the college experience and perspective \\n\\n\\n\\n
  • Gain a better understanding on the importance of a professional profile and networking
  • Competency identifying resources on campus that will aid completion of academic and career goals
  • Establish a strong commitment to self-care and mental well being
  • Educate students on mentoring opportunities and identifying mentors in the community/on campus
  • Create a custom and ongoing action plan for college success
  • Students will develop a sense of belonging through meaningful connections with peers, faculty, and staff, across campus, to be empowered to seek help and resources to support their individual needs
  • Explore the challenges of being a first-generation college student and identify ways to navigate them \\n

Major Course Content

  1. Introductions
    1. Icebreaker
    2. Explore course syllabus
    3. Using Canvas and the Citrus Student Portal
    4. Classroom norms and thought cards
  2. College 101 ( 3 hours)
    1. Systems of Higher Education
    2. Graduation and transfer requirements
    3. Time management
    4. Study skills
  3. 1st Generation Student Experience (4.5 hours)
    1. Validation Theory
    2. Imposter Syndrome
    3. Sharing your story 
  4. Student Engagement Theory  (3 hours)
    1. Mentoring
    2. Building your support system/community  
    3. Diversity
    4. Cultural capital  
  5. Professional Development ( 3 hours)
    1. Learning outside of the classroom
    2. Internships & volunteering
    3. Exploring majors/careers & values
    4. Social media
  6. Life 101 (3 hours)
    1. Saving money/creating a budget
    2. Investing in your future
    3. Applying for scholarships
    4. Credit scores
    5. Student loans
    6. Bank vs credit union
  7. Mental Health and well-being (1.5 hour)
    1. Managing stress
    2. The importance of self-care
    3. Community resources
  8. Campus Resources (3 hours)
    1. Financial aid & scholarships
    2. Honors
    3. DSPS
    4. Study Abroad
    5. Basic Needs Resources
    6. STEM/TRiO
    7. Summer Research Experience
    8. Teacher Prep Program
  9. Alumni Student Panel (1.5 hours)
  10. Navigating Between Worlds (3 hours)
    1. How to talk to your family about college
    2. Family obligation and expectations
    3. Community empowerment and influence
    4. Defining your boundaries
    5. Code switching
  11. Digital Vision Board- final project (3 hours)

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference Weigel, D. & Friedman, D. (Eds.) (2016). Transitions. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina.

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

Journal reflection: My Story Students will write a 3-4 page paper paper sharing their story as a first-generation college student, inspiration for attending college, and goals they would like to fulfill during their time at Citrus College.

Examples of Outside Assignments

Attend at least 1 campus activity. Possible options would be: - Transfer Fair - Men of Color Conference - Club Rush - Any workshop offered through the Career/Transfer Center - Club meeting ( example; First-gen club)

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Online Education Lecture