ART 168: Animation I

Citrus College Course Outline of Record

Citrus College Course Outline of Record
Heading Value
Effective Term: Fall 2022
Credits: 3
Total Contact Hours: 108
Lecture Hours : 36
Lab Hours: 72
Hours Arranged: 0
Outside of Class Hours: 72
Transferable to CSU: Yes
Transferable to UC: No
Grading Method: Standard Letter

Catalog Course Description

Strongly Recommended: ART 150 and/or Portfolio review. The focus of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of two-dimensional animation with emphasis on the computer as a tool. Student projects involve scripting, storyboarding, action, transition, and timing character development, and portfolio enhancement. 36 lecture hours, 72 lab hours.

Course Objectives

  • use computer software to create graphics for use in animation
  • produce a variety of animation projects that demonstrate multiple processes
  • describe the relationship between class projects and possible career opportunities
  • analyze and solve basic design and technical problems inherent in producing animations
  • provide a meaningful critique

Major Course Content

  1. Class Introduction
    1. LAB: Introduction to Flash
  2. The tools of multimedia/Planning your projects
    1. LAB: Basic Animation & Tweening
  3. Working with Photography
    1. PROJECT #1 DUE: Logo Animation
    2. Lab: Creating a Slideshow
  4. Flash Workshop
    1. LAB: Buttons/Masking in Flash
  5. The Power of Sound
    1. LAB: Editing, Creating Sound, Recording music
    2. PROJECT #2 DUE: Photo Tour
  6. Principles of Animation Part I
    1. LAB: Timing, Anticipation, Follow Through
  7. Principles of Animation Part II
    1. LAB: Secondary Motion, Squash Stretch, Exaggeration
  8. Flash Workshop
    1. Lab: Project 3 lab
  9. The Elements of Storytelling
    1. PROJECT #3 DUE: Infographic
  10. Advanced Navigation Workshop
  11. Project 4 Workshop
  12. Making the most of video: Shots, Angles
    1. PROJECT #4 DUE: Storytelling
  13. Making the most of video: Flash Workshop
    1. LAB: Importing video into Flash
  14. Project 5 Workshop
    1. PROJECT #5 DUE: Demo/Podcast

Lab Content

  1. Create 30 frame animation utilizing transparent media
    1. Brainstorm idea within group
    2. Draw cells
    3. Scan cells into computer
    4. Import scans into Flash
  2. Exercise in motion
    1. Simulate a bouncing ball
    2. Apply squash and stretch
  3. Boat exercise
    1. Create a boat in Flash
      1. Follow the directions on class handout
    2. Drop boat into a new layer
    3. Layer more foreground and background elements
    4. Add motion aspects to all layers
  4. Develop 90 second animated short
    1. Script
    2. Storyboard
    3. Character design
    4. Environments
    5. Sound
  5. Animate 90 second short
    1. Create scenes
    2. Tween
    3. Adjust transitions
    4. Compile final animation

Suggested Reading Other Than Required Textbook

Search the internet and find biographical information on a contemporary animator.

Examples of Required Writing Assignments

Ten Random Ideas. Write ten random ideas. Read them back and arrange them into a new order. Develop a three paragraph story that utilizes five of the ten ideas.

Examples of Outside Assignments

Flip-book Adhere thirty 3 x 5 index cards together to form a book. Draw a simple image on each page adjust its position and/or shape relative to the image on the preceding page. When the pages are flipped rapidly the images will project the illusion of motion.

Instruction Type(s)

Lecture, Lab, Online Education Lecture, Online Education Lab